What Matters More Than The Metrics?

What Matters More Than The Metrics?

Every organization is flooded with numbers. Spreadsheets, goals, and personnel costs are just some of the numbers that matter, and we haven’t even discussed budgets and giving goals. The truth is that all these numbers matter! And one could argue these metrics are even more important for non-profit organizations when donors are involved!

However, while these metrics are important, they can also be overwhelming. More numbers often lend less clarity, not more clarity. Yet organizations of all shapes and sizes spend significant dollars to collect all the numbers, metrics, and data possible.

Have you ever considered what your most important numbers are? What metrics reveal the best signs of health in your organization? What data proves most valuable? 

Organizational guru, Seth Godin shares these three important reminders related to metrics and data gathering:

1. Don’t collect data unless it has a non-zero chance of changing your actions.
2. Before you seek to collect data, consider the costs of processing that data.
3. Data collected isn’t always accurate, consider the costs of acting on data that’s incorrect.

So, again, what data is most important to your organization? Different data matters more to different organizations. What is the most important metric for your movement?

Join us this month for The Timothy Group webinar on ‘Keeping Score: Tracking Major Donor Activity That Counts,’ to help you discover the metrics that matter most in stewardship and development.

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