Three's A Charm

Three’s A Charm. Well, Sometimes.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Third time’s the charm,” and I’m confident that sometimes, that is the case. The giving figures for 2019 were release on Tuesday. Once again, giving in America eclipsed all other nations, no one else was even close. There is generosity and philanthropic DNA in America. Across the board, giving was $449 Billion. Yes, that is the “B” word! This is up from $427 Billion in 2018.  Where will we land in 2020? Wowzer, none of us seem to know. I can’t predict the future, but I do know who holds the future.  

Three items are having an impact on donors and giving here in America: 

The Pandemic

By now most of us are tired of COVID-19 information. Many of us are burned out on FaceTime, Google Duo and, of course, Zoom. We would love to get together in person but that still seems to be somewhere in the future, the near future, hopefully. It is a serious virus and we must all continue to be diligent. I know a major donor couple in the UK in their 70’s that have not been out of their home in over 100 days. This whole adventure has had an impact on your donors and ministry partners. 

The Economy 

We have globally been rocked by the shutdown of businesses and corporations, large and small. The GDP is down and frankly there is some gloom and doom in many people who are deeply concerned about their investments, their occupation, their business, and their pocketbook. Our donors, large and small, who previously supported us generously may be asking the question, “If I give, will I have enough to meet my own needs?” Needless to say, we are in an economic crisis. We are all asking the question what kind of an impact this will have as our ministries head toward the 4 best fund-raising months (September-December) this year.

Social Unrest

It has captured the news everywhere in America. Racial injustice, police brutality, social profiling, and discrimination is causing all of us to search our hearts for answers and has driven up to our knees. There are times we seem to be a divided nation. A year ago, we were all getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day and planning our 4th of July celebrations. Today, we are at home because of state mandates or briefly out in public with a mask on trying to figure all of this out. Can someone say, “6 blocks in Seattle?”    

I could add another potential impact on donors as we head toward the Fall. This is a Presidential election year, and that almost always seems to impact giving. Will we exceed 2019 giving numbers? I don’t know. But there is one thing I DO know – God has got this! Yes, He is concerned about you, your family and friends, your church, and your ministry. Here is a three fold approach to combating this Pandemic with the acts of God!

Threefold Approach

(1) “Pray Without Ceasing.” Paul the Apostle had it right, stay in a constant season of prayer. Our world, our nation, our cities, our communities our neighborhoods, and our families need it! 

(2) Communicate with every ministry partner and tell them you love them, and that you need them. See them electronically, of course, for now, hear them by listening to their personal stories and learn how they’re responding to our circumstances here in 2020, and value them as the lifeblood of nearly every ministry as our prayer warriors and our ministry partners/donors. Share your ministry value propositions with them. 

(3) Holy Boldness as you reopen, reboot, and increase your ministry outreach. Do not be afraid to share with boldness the needs you see in your centers of influence and how your ministry addresses them. Share boldly your mission, vision, and core values as well as the human needs you are addressing with your services and how you will share the Gospel for an eternal impact. 

Three is a charm. We can address the real and felt needs of your ministry partners/donors head on with grace, love, and hope. These are the three good ones.

Remember these words of wisdom, “Say your prayers and wash your hands, because Jesus and germs are everywhere.” 

Godspeed in this incredible journey. 

Article submitted by Pat McLaughlin, Founder/CEO of The Timothy Group.

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