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Partners in God’s Dream

The Timothy Group excels at cultivating authentic relationships. Our one-on-one and team mentoring underscore our commitment to our clients. Together, we share your dreams with people who want to help you accomplish your God-given mission at a greater level.


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Development Team Mentoring

Executive Level Fundraising Coaching

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Seeing the Possibilities

You and God have a vision for your ministry. Transcending the numbers on the calculator or the benchmarks on your strategic plan, it is born of the thoughts that keep you awake at night – what John Stott calls a holy discontent with the way things are. How far can you reach? Can you do it all? Are the human and financial resources adequate to the task? The Timothy Group’s capable, experienced professionals will turn what’s in your mind and heart into a clear picture of an attainable and workable plan for success.


Working Hand in Hand

The apostle Paul’s mentorship of young Timothy guides our work almost 2,000 years later. We bring a long-standing record of having raised more than $100 million a year to a partnership that helps you answer God’s call. A highly credentialed primary consultant, skilled specialists, and a responsive support staff will both fish for you and teach you how to fish. “Friendraising,” “Donor Loyalty,” ”Relationship Building,” and “Mission Driven Stewardship” are not buzz words at The Timothy Group; they’re promises we’ve kept with clients since 1990.


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