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For some, the idea of launching a capital campaign can be stressful. There is so much at stake. From ensuring you have a crisp, compelling vision, to the first board meeting discussion, to designing the Pre-Campaign Study, all the way to the dedication of your new facility, we provide the support and insight you need.


Pre-Campaign Study

Campaign Assessment, Strategic Planning & Management

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We examine the fundamental factors involved in your readiness for a capital campaign. We investigate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, programs, plans and priorities. We identify the financial and human resources needed before you launch a successful campaign.


Together, we prepare the strategy and timing of the public announcement of the campaign. We identify what you need for supporting communications, train campaign leadership and assist you in learning how to secure lead gifts.


We create a tightly structured campaign program. Each aspect of the program is focused on achieving a stated goal and timeline. The program includes: A specific publicly stated dollar goal, time limit, an intensively organized volunteer apparatus, publicity about your campaign and ideas for enthusiasm –raising activities.


Ongoing communication with donors is critical to your campaign success. The fulfillment goal is 90% of campaign commitments within 36 months from launch.

We provide the support and insight that will guide your capital campaign from your first campaign board meeting, to the feasibility study, to meeting with donors, to the dedication of your facility.


4 Phases of a Capital Campaign

A capital campaign is a series of well-planned, well orchestrated events all heading toward a specific dollar goal within a specific period of time. The four normal phases of a campaign are:

  • 1. The pre-campaign survey/feasibility study

    Ask tough questions, get good answers

  • 2. The quiet phase/leadership phase

    Solicit board, staff, and key donors first

  • 3. The capital campaign phase

    Organize seven to nine committees to solicit various segments; use 30-60 volunteers to serve on the committees

  • 4. The fulfillment phase

    Collect the pledges, and do a great job of saying thanks for every gift

Is a Campaign Right For You?

Here are some reasons to consider a capital campaign

  • Take it to the next level

    A Capital Campaign is good way to propel your organization to the next level. It forces you to plan, execute and fine-tune your mission, your vision and your core values. It makes you look forward.

  • Increase your faith

    Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord Builds the House…we labor in vain”. At the end of the day it is still HIS work and we are his co-laborers.

  • Expand your existing donor base

    It will give you the opportunity to identify new mega and major donor prospects.

  • Build a Plan for Your Vision

    It will allow you to ask for multi-year commitments and increase your donor capacity by including your annual and capital funding needs.

  • The Right Team Developed the Right Way

    A campaign will stretch the capacity and challenge your development team to step up. Building a team of volunteers will increase your organization’s fundraising space in your community.

  • Raise Awareness

    A campaign will raise your ministry awareness in your community. With press releases your organization takes an expanded profile and brand in your community.



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