The Timothy Group

The Timothy Group uses biblical principles to equip organizations with the skills they need to effectively strengthen their advancement program. The Timothy Group’s motivation to serve is to see your vision realized. Our commitment to faith and to Jesus Christ navigates our mission. It’s what inspires us to help you cross the finish line and achieve your God-inspired dream.

Annual Fundraising Strategies

  • The Timothy Group builds your donor program by focusing on proven practices that acquire, retain, and grow donor engagement.

Capital Campaigns

  • From the first board meeting discussion, to designing the feasibility study, all the way to the dedication of your new facility. We provide the support and insight you need.

Capacity Building

  • We possess the experience and knowledge necessary to come alongside you so you can increase your ministry’s impact.

Development Team Mentoring

  • The Timothy Group excels at cultivating authentic relationships. Our one-on-one and team mentoring is what we are best at.