Maximize Your Donor Outreach Strategies With Wealth Screening

Maximize Your Donor Outreach Strategies With Wealth Screening

WealthEngine (WE) is a screening tool that we use at The Timothy Group to assist our clients in researching, profiling, and categorizing donors into the proper brackets. Wealth screening is a helpful tool to maximize your donor outreach strategies.

WealthEngine was developed over 20 years ago to help clients in both the commercial and non-profit markets expand their audiences and increase their revenue. The WealthEngine components are Wealth Search, Wealth Screening, Prospect Research, Analyze, Model and Integrations.

Using breakthrough technology, the WealthEngine 9 (WE9) platform consumes trillions of points of data to create more than 250 million pre-scored profiles complete with scoring and insight into prospect propensity, capacity, and intent. WeathEngine calls this Engagement Science™.

Fundraising organizations and agencies (like us) using the WealthEngine platform because it leads the market in delivering the best wealth intelligence and prospect research. See published case studies.

The Timothy Group offers the following three WE components to our clients:

Individual Wealth Engine Searches

Individual WE Searches pull together data from 60 sources to look through 300 million profiles and 122 million households and also provides valuable insights from the data. Some of these insights include net worth, income, assets, real estate, and charitable giving. WealthEngine also has a system developed in order to rate each search, providing a consumer-friendly approach to the data analysis. Using a “ratings and scores” method,

WealthEngine breaks down each search into the following 2 main attributes:

(1) Wealth Insight Scores include Propensity to Give (P2G), Estimated Spending Capacity, Total Assets, Net Worth, Cash on Hand, Estimated Annual Donations, and Gift Capacity Range.

(2) Wealth Attribute Ratings include Gift Capacity Rating, RFM, Planned Giving—Bequest, Annuity & Trust, Influence, Inclination/Giving, and Inclination/Affiliation.

They are also able to provide demographic and lifestyle attributes for each search to help focus your donor criteria.

Batch Wealth Engine Screens

Batch Wealth Screens help by utilizing your current contact database and integrating it with the WE “rating and scores” method in bulk. Using the same data key points as the wealth search, screens will help you identify, segment, and prioritize your current donor base. These screens are also useful in identifying inaccurate information in your current database and updating that information for you. With results delivered via the cloud, you can rest assured that your contacts personal information is safe and secure. Using wealth screens can help you really maximize your donor outreach strategies.

Prospect Research

Prospect Research can help identify targeted custom audiences who may not be in your database yet. Using criteria and attributes based on income, work and home residences, donation preference, etc. you can develop a segmented contact list of donor prospects who may have giving interests similar to your ministry. These prospects should end up being very receptive to your mission and will have many goals in common.

The attributes available to use for segmentation include identity, wealth, giving, real estate, demographics, life events, lifestyle, interests, professional, vehicles, organizations, buying and technology. You can also use the criteria from successful past or current donors to create a look-alike model to base your prospecting from. By understanding past donor success, you can prospect to people with characteristics in common with your best donors.

All screens are completed and delivered digitally and can be completed in a day’s time as folows:

(1) We send the search template to you via email.

(2) You complete the template and send back.

(3) We submit the template and are notified that the results have been received.

(4) We process the results and then send them to you digitally.

(5) After you receive the results and have a chance to review them, we are available by phone to discuss the results with you. This phone conversation generally ranges from 30 minutes to one hour.

We would love to be of assistance to you through the use of WealthEngine. Please contact us if you have questions about the process. You can also check out the WealthEngine website at

Author: Jessie Blodgett, Marketing & Operations Manager of The Timothy Group

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