Influence Millennial Giving Through Social Media

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Influence Millennial Giving Through Social Media

Many of us use social media for our organizations, our own interests and to see the interests of others. Millennials are certainly no exception. According to Pew Research, 3 out of every 4 millennials engage in some social media platform regularly. That is a lot of millennials! However, at times it can feel like throwing an arrow in the wind when posting to a social media platform. Questions regularly get asked like: What should we say? Should we use graphics? A video? How long should our post be? Here are a few trends we see on social media to help you engage specifically with Millennials around your organization.

Peer recommendations carry a lot of weight. A recent study by Hubspot found that 71% of people are more likely to make a purchase online if the product or service comes recommended by others. This principle rings true for your organization! A study by the Millennial Impact Report discovered nearly 75% of respondents said they would tell Facebook friends about great nonprofit events, 68% said they would tell friends impressive statistics about a cause or issue, and 65% said they would promote a nonprofit’s great story or accomplishment. In addition, 61% said they would use Facebook to alert friends to volunteering opportunities and needs (2012).  This is great news for you. Leverage those who love your organization to share about it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIN.

Stories have significant influence on organizational equity. We all love a good story. That’s why we watch Disney movies as adults but tell others we are just watching them for the kids. Sure… But in reality (and more importantly on social media platforms) stories are powerful, engaging and can earn your company great amounts of equity and trust from Millennials. Read these two quotes from the Millennial Impact Report

“I would donate if I knew more about the school, the students, or [saw] a section that spotlighted what a particular scholarship recipient is doing […] on campus to stay active and support the campus.” (2013)

“I have an emotional connection to the nonprofit and want to see it succeed.” (2013)

Stories build bridges leading to real dollars coming into your organization to help fulfill your mission. Social media platforms are simply another opportunity to share your story in a compelling way.

Sincere engagement – not advertising – is often the drive behind actual donation dollars. This one is the easiest one, Millennials do not want to be sold something!  They want to be connected with and to be included. The principle here is keep posting stories, but be sure to read comments, respond to ‘shares’ and ‘retweets’ and be engaged with people/users as they engage with your organization.


Happy Posting!

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