Donor Thank You Calls

An all-inclusive guide for designed for executives, leadership, and board members. Includes the 6R’s or 6 key steps in developing a major donor strategy plus 5 easy steps to making donor phone calls. Special bonus includes a sample script and script template tool.

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    […] Phone calls. Now is a great time to call your donors. Chances are you’ll actually catch them at home for once! Spend some quality time getting to know them on a deeper level. Show concern about their families who may live in areas that are being impacted more severely. Everyone is under stress. Share honestly about your ministry’s financial situation, and if the Spirit leads ask them to help with a special gift at this critical time. For help, check out our. Effective Guide To Making Donor Thank You Calls. […]

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    […] and we are working together to reach kids for Christ and meet their needs. We quickly began making phone calls to people who stand with us financially, simply asking how we could pray for them. What we found […]

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    […] client, a rescue mission, reported that as they increased their focus on thank you calls, they saw a parallel increase in the number of unsolicited donations to the ministry; this included […]

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    […] date them often! You cannot and should not ask every time you see a donor, sometimes it’s just a thank you call or a visit to tell them that you love them and remind them their prayers and dollars are impacting […]

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