Critical Year-End Appeals And Solicitations

“Stepping through the Planning Timetable”

In a previous issue of “What’s New in Donor Relations,” we provided a complete Fall and Year-End Solicitation Guideline. This document gives some step by step recommendations and reminders for planning and executing fund raising activities as you close out 2020. For most non-profits, 50-60% of their gift income is received during the final four months of the calendar year. No doubt, with the challenges and limitations we all faced during the second and third quarters of this most unusual year, solicitations for contributions through the remainder of this year will be more critical than ever.

For September, consider these action steps:

• Fall appeal out via mail, email, and social and digital media platforms on or before Sept. 15th!

• Prepare follow up appeal via email to be sent out on or before Oct. 15th.

• Begin personal contact with major/mega donors to schedule personal visits (if possible) during final quarter of the year by the CEO, COO, and CDO as well as other key staff, board members and volunteers.

• Prepare sample script for personal contacts by phone or virtual call with the goal of making appointments for personal visits or Zoom calls – NOT for solicitation of gifts.

• Identify hosts (board members a priority) for Fall and Year-End Ministry Briefing events and confirm date, time, and location. (Note: In-person small groups are preferred, if possible. However, arranging these events via “Zoom Call” can be an alternative this year as meeting restrictions continue to be a challenge.)

• Prepare invitations for mailing to those friends and faithful donors of the ministry near the event location. Provide additional copies of the invite to your designated host for a personal invite to their network of friends and associates.

With this article, we begin a monthly series of Fall and Year-End Solicitation planning reminders that will continue through the end of this year. Please also visit our website for other resources that can assist you in specific planning for general appeals and major/mega donor gift proposals. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you. We would consider it a privilege to partner with you on these most urgent year-end fundraising activities!

Author: Dan DiDonato, Consulant

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