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There is an abundance of important questions being raised today, such as:   “What activities should we minimize or eliminate?”   “Should we postpone or cancel events?”   “Should we press forward with donor asks or pull back?”   One important question we at The Timothy Group have been hearing frequently is:   “We were planning to conduct a Pre-campaign (or Feasibility) Study over this Spring and Summer, with a Capital Campaign planned in the Fall. Is this a good or bad time to try to do...

View the live recording of this crucial discussion led by top development experts with 120 participants across the US! Panelists include: Dr. Royce Frazier, President, Barclay College, Haviland, Kansas Shannon Johnson, VP For Institutional Advancement and External Relations, Warner Pacific University, Portland, Oregon Rev. Donovan Coley, President/CEO, The Rescue Mission, Fort Wayne,...

“Face-to-Face Virtual Visits: An Opportunity to Love Donors” Hope Academy is a unique school. This year, 550 children are receiving a remarkable, God-centered education. Most are from low-income families in Minneapolis, a state that leads the nation in the size of the achievement gap between...

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