Our Process


Our Process

Connecting your unique vision to our proven strategies.

We ask questions. And listen. Our exploration ranges from “What keeps you awake at night?”, to, “What are your greatest dreams?”


Your Dream

Serving you and singing praises!

We combine your insights with our years of expertise to prayerfully develop a plan so you may see your dream realized. How may we serve you? Together we dream!

1. We listen to your team

We want to know what your greatest needs are. We want to learn about you, your staff and your mission. We ask questions about your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, programs and priorities.

2. We Develop a Plan

We identify the financial and human resources needed to execute this plan. The plan addresses the issues that are relevant to solving your problems and achieving your objectives like donor engagement and unified vision.

3. We Work Closely With You

We don’t simply hand you a plan. We execute the plan with you and your team. We seek to be a valued partner. We stay by your side and walk with you and your staff through each step until the plan is implemented with success.


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