A Letter From Hope Academy

A Letter From Hope Academy

October 19, 2017

Dear Pat, Kent and our friends at TTG,

At long last, I am writing to express my deep gratitude and satisfaction for the critical role that you played in our Growing Hope Capital Campaign. Your wisdom, experience, and guidance were invaluable as we took this huge step of faith. I’m certain that we wouldn’t have traveled as far, and as fast, as we did under your consultancy. Beginning with the pre-campaign study you helped us conduct (participation and positive responses were off the charts), you headed us on the right trajectory, helping us set a tone and pace towards success.

Here are just some of the highlights of our engagement with you:


Your years in the trenches helping Christ-centered organizations expand their impact gives you credibility beyond compare; we were able to trust your advice and move forward in confidence.


While God has given us a vision to expand our work, you stimulated our move into action and help galvanize our resolve to move forward in faith.


While recognizing our unique scenario, you helped us develop a track to run on and helped us stay focused on the critical next steps.


Your team provided timely and efficient support as we needed it, working together as a unit.


Problem solving and strategy requires brain power – we benefited from your wisdom and experience.


You recognize that development in a Christian environment requires faith – together we were focused on the Provider of all good gifts.


While God brings the harvest, your guidance positioned us for results – $8.3 million committed in 11 months.

Thank you for the important role that you’ve played in helping us to grow and spread Hope. Please share our gratefulness with others who may be interested in working with you.

In Him,

Jim Stigman, Head of Institutional Advancement, Hope Academy

Hope Academy

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