4 Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Donors This Year

4 Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Donors This Year

You have a mission. You have a vision. Compellingly, with passion, you share your needs with donors. Graciously, they give, and the mission of your organization can move forward. However, all too often organizations forget to say a simple Thank You to those who empower their vision.

Don’t let this be you or your organization this year! With the tax law changes and modifications this year, it is more important than ever to properly recognize and appreciate those who fund your mission!

1. Make a general appreciation video!

With the technology packed into almost all cell phones nowadays, it is easier than ever to create a nice, clean and direct Thank You Here are 6 simple steps to make a Thank You video for your organization:

  • Pick a location: Outside is usually best for natural light, but inside can work too if you have strong light. Perhaps you have a background with your organization’s logo, or you want to show the “bullpen” where all the work is done in your organization.
  • Include the right people: Certainly, have the CEO/President sharing his/her appreciation in the video, but be sure to include staff, board members and others who simply give just like those you are thanking with the video.
  • Keep the video under 2 minutes!
  • Keep it simple! This is NOT the time to show pictures and stats. You can do that in the New Year. This is a time to share a heartfelt, impactful Thank You. Remember JST – Just Say Thanks!
  • Use an App: Even if you would not consider yourself tech-savvy, there are some great apps that save time and make it simple. Here are a few we like:
    • Clips (Apple)
    • iMovie
    • Magisto
    • Pinnacle Studio Pro
  • Maximize the video! Put it on the homepage of your organization’s website. Post it on your organization’s social media accounts. Email it (or at least a link) to your donors. The video will only be as good as the number of people who see it.

2. Grab a pen and some paper!

Notes are still cool! And a handwritten card or note can really be meaningful. Take some time to write personalized, handwritten notes to each donor, small and large. You may be surprised by how much equity this can cultivate between your organization and your donors.

3. Share a social media Shout-Out!

It is hard to ignore the role of social media in our world today. And who doesn’t like seeing an @mention when they open their Instagram or Twitter apps?!  Make sure you have your donors’ social media handles and feature them on your social media accounts by thanking them publicly. Tag them in photos, repost and retweet their content, use hashtags (e.g. #FollowFriday or #ThankfulThursday). You can either thank your donors in a more general way and address them as a group (a technique often used by larger nonprofits – in this case, you might want to highlight significant contributors) or highlight donors regularly regardless of the gift size (more appropriate for a smaller nonprofit). In any case, be sure to have their permission before making a public Thank You!

4. A ‘Story Call’!

This one is a personal favorite. Often donors give to multiple organizations in varying amounts. A Story Call is a memorable way to say Thank You, while simultaneously creating loyalty.  A Story Call is a phone call directly to the donor from someone impacted by your organization. For example, if your organization is a rescue mission or a non-profit helping people in need, ask someone who’s life was impacted through your organization call a donor directly to say, “Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Donor! Because of your support, I have been able to find a new job and find my own apartment.”  The important thing to remember here is people love stories, and you are connecting those who give with those whose stories have been impacted. It can be a beautiful exchange!

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