June 2020

On occasion, The Timothy Group loves to share what Kingdom-inspiring things our friends are up to in hopes that it helps others clarify their “3 M” story – Ministry, Message, and Money. Here is what’s happening at Reaching Indians Ministries International, located in the USA and India.   MINISTRY  RIMI is an international, interdenominational evangelical...

View the live recording of this crucial discussion “Yogi -N- Year-End Strategies” led by top development experts with 120 participants across the US! View the recording or download the documents shared during the call (see below). view Live Recording FEATURED GUEST HOST PANELISTS: Justin Behrens, LSW, CEO/Executive Director, Keystone...

We’ve all heard the expression, “Third time’s the charm,” and I’m confident that sometimes, that is the case. The giving figures for 2019 were release on Tuesday. Once again, giving in America eclipsed all other nations, no one else was even close. There is generosity and philanthropic DNA in America. Across the board, giving was $449...

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