12 Capital Campaign Principles

12 Capital Campaign Principles With Pat

Through the implementation and analysis of hundreds of capital fundraising campaigns, The Timothy Group has identified 12 capital campaign principles that are fundamental to producing optimal campaign results.

(1) Develop a strong case statement.

(2) Measure your weakness.

(3) Raise capital dollars when you need them.

(4) Start with a quality strategic plan.

(5) Big capital donors are attracted to big capital visions.

(6) A capital campaign is a series of small, individualized campaigns with 10-100 of your most capable donors.

(7) Everybody wants to receive large gifts, but few are willing to invest the time required.

(8) Major donors are both customers and sales people.

(9) Campaigns involve both fundraising and goodwill.

(10) Your CEO must become your #1 fundraiser.

(11) Recruit campaign leadership wisely.

(12) No large ask should be a surprise, but too low may be an insult.

Which of the 12 capital campaign principles do you need to put into play or strengthen? Take 2 minutes to check in with cartoon Pat in this short clip for more details!

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